Clive James, Observer:

Imagine a City Called Berlin was a masterly job, done in extraordinary historical depth. A programme which should be repeated every year or so as a matter of protocol.

Richard Last, Daily Telegraph

In The Witnesses, Melvyn Bragg and Dennis Marks delivered what they had promised, with a minimum of shock horror newsreel and a premium on mature reflection.

Chris Dunkley, Financial Times

The Promised Land turned out to be the best sort of programme. I cannot imagine any other programme audacious enough to try encompassing immigrant politics, religion and so on and contriving to put across such a vivid and powerful sense of place.

Lucy Hughes-Hallett, Evening Standard

In The Drums of Dagbon, Marks delivers far more than he promised. Anyone expecting a solemn study of musical roots would have been wonderfully, exhilaratingly surprised.

Stuart Jeffreys, Guardian

In Budapest: Written on Water, the director Dennis Marks brought Michael Frayn’s script vividly to life and delighted too in photographing the city’s mutable bizarre architecture.

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Filming in Budapest Here you can read about some of Dennis Marks's past television programmes and see images from them. These include a series of documentaries with the distinguished writer Michael Frayn, the television series All The Russias about the country and its musical heritage and a recent film with Ian Bostridge about the composer Janacek. In the future, you will be able to view excerpts from some of these films online at this website. There will also be regular updates on current projects.

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